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Clinical Psychologist

Dr Danielle Einstein has 28 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist. Danielle is an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University, researching the association between social media use and mental health. She works with students, parents, psychologists and schools to develop healthy device use and redirect anxiety.

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BSc (Psychol) (Hons) MPsychol (Clinical) PhD MAPS MACPA MAACBT

Dr Danielle Einstein is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the treatment and prevention of anxiety and OCD. Danielle is an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University. She was the first Australian Clinical Psychologist to call for a phone ban in schools based on her 2013 paper on how emotional health is connected to tolerance for uncertainty. She was Head of the Anxiety Clinic at Westmead Hospital from 1996 to 2002, and has run her own private practice since 2003. She has continued to both collaborate on and lead research projects throughout her career.

Danielle's latest published research examined the association between FoMO, Social Media Use and Anxiety in Australian adolescents. Over the last 16 years, she has developed and researched wellbeing and social media initiatives in schools, co-authored internationally used internet programs for anxiety and depression, and helped communities change their responses to uncertainty and anxiety (Chilled Plus, Climate Social Anxiety program, Chilled and Considerate teacher and parent wellbeing programs). Danielle has worked closely with Bell Shakespeare and staff from many distinguished schools internationally and in Australia. She is a leading expert on device use. In 2019, she wrote "The Dip:A practical step by step guide to help families manage device use" and she runs which provides resources to help students and parents optimise their technology use. In 2023 she was invited to give the Professor Margot Prior public lecture for the Australian Clinical Psychology Association on how clinical psychologists should approach device use in their clients; and she helped Alex Lykos' team create the 2023 Australian documentary, Disconnect Me. She is widely quoted in the mainstream media.


Danielle's work on managing anxiety and uncertainty is at the forefront of psychological thinking. She has edited a text book on CBT, taught ACT to masters students at Macquarie University, and is currently running an advanced supervision and training workshop for clinicians treating OCD together with Professor Grisham. 

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Experts weigh in on Dutton's pledge to ban social media for teens
 17 June 2024
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Order my step-by-step guide to reconnecting your family in a world of devices. Revive your family and learn more about resisting the dopamine dip. The Dip 'how to' book is available for purchase online and the video is freely available to watch.


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Dr Danielle Einstein's research commenced with a theory which explored how humans can respond in healthy ways to uncertainty. She examined how some responses created psychological difficulties and detailed ways in which these can be addressed in treatment. Based on two papers, her academic work continues to explore ways in which anxiety and depression can be prevented. Factors studied include social media use, perfectionism, fear of social threat, the tendency to compare, and fear of uncertainty. Behaviours which create problems are targeted through interactive activities that build understanding to promote resilience.



Chief Investigator | Controlled Trial of The Insights Program

Research Aim: To empower and build resilience in young people. 

  • Exploring ways to alter discomfort with uncertainty within the school system.

  • Reducing catastrophic thinking in adolescence.​​

Online treatment using Chilled Plus

Chilled Plus is an online program that provides treatment for adolescents suffering from comorbid anxiety and depression. Chilled Plus was delivered to secondary school students attending over 80 schools across Australia. These include schools from the following sectors: public, private, distance education, Catholic and Independent. The program was funded by Australian Rotary Health. Work commenced on this program in 2008 in collaboration with Dr Carolyn Schniering (lead author) and Professor Ron Rapee.​​​

Dr Einstein collaborates with a range of researchers from Macquarie University, University of Sydney, Curtin University, Australian Catholic University; and internationally with researchers from the University of Manchester and the University of Regina. Danielle has led research, and/or clinical teams to deliver universal prevention programs with staff at the following secondary schools: Riverside Girls High School, Pymble Ladies College, Presbyterian Ladies College, Queenwood, Radford College, Santa Sabina, St Aloysius College, Wenona, Loreto Normanhurst, Marist Sisters College, Woolwich, The Kings School, Tudor House, Kambala, Cranbrook, Arden Anglican School, St James College. 

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Redirecting Anxiety

Since 2003, Dr Einstein has provided a wide range of psychological services within her private practice. Dr Einstein offers individual and group treatment for adolescents, parents and families. She aims to create a warm and productive space to collaborate with clients. Clients are able to explore ongoing challenges in an environment of support and respect.


Dr Einstein offers a wide range psychological services including treatment for anxiety; insomnia; depression/mood disorders; panic attacks and panic disorder; specific phobias; health anxiety; generalised anxiety disorder/worry; post-traumatic stress disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder.


Dr Einstein's primary orientation is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy. The initial focus is on developing a complete picture of difficulties and the background in which these occur. In the first one to two sessions, an assessment is conducted. After this a working model is used to guide treatment. We will work with a range of techniques to resolve current difficulties.


A standard appointment is 55 minutes. The first appointment is an initial consultation and will take 1 ¼ hours. Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Eftpos. Rebates are available through many private health funds. If you do not claim a rebate through a private health fund, you may be entitled to a rebate through Medicare. If you are eligible your GP will make a referral using the GP Mental Health Care Plan (Item 2710). You are then entitled to a rebate from medicare of $129.00 for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. If you are a parent or partner and are coming to an appointment without the referred client being present, the appointment will not be rebatable through medicare.


Although limited after hours appointments are offered, telephone contact hours are 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday. In between appointments emails are preferred.  

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Media or Schools Email:

School or Media enquiries (+61) 401 936 310  

Client enquiries: Please email

Please Note After hour appointments are restricted and attract a higher fee.

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