A school-based program designed to support the emotional wellbeing of students during this public health crisis.

Covid-19 is already significantly impacting our lives as we live in an ever-evolving crisis due to uncertainty that we face every day. We are all now being faced with questions such as: 'Am I at risk of catching the virus in my day to day life?' 'Will there be enough supplies in the supermarket if the country goes into lockdown?' 'Will the health service cope?' 'What does it mean for me and those around me, if I get the virus?'

School students, staff and school leaders feel these concerns deeply too, but may not know how best to manage the uncertainty. The Covid-19: Chilled and Considerate Program has been designed as an emergency response to help schools support their students during this crisis.


In becoming part of the Chilled and Considerate community, you will have access to:

  • A 5 lesson program that deals with how to manage uncertainty, risk, trauma and isolation.

  • Teacher materials including a manual, PPT slides and guided meditations.

  • Access to advice and guidance through our FAQs and Zoom calls.

We have kept our costs as low as possible – a 6 month licence to access and use these materials is only $XXX.

Sign up now to start using the resources immediately.



BSc (Psychol) (Hons) MPsychol (Clinical) PhD MAPS MACPA MAACBT

Dr Danielle Einstein has 22 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist. Dr Einstein conducts research in collaboration with both Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, focusing on developing novel interventions to prevent anxiety and depression.

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